LEAF is a proven, practical way to give children a positive start to pre-school and primary through a school, parent and community partnership.

The LEAF program is a school-based program that targets families with children aged 0-4 years. The program provides a structure for school and community collaboration with a focus on the early years. It offers support and development opportunities for families with young children and a framework for giving each child the best possible start to school.

LEAF provides a supportive and welcoming environment for families from all backgrounds. Parents involved in the program report social benefits for both themselves and their children. Program evaluation outcomes are:

  • reduces anxiety about the transition to school
  • promotes positive social development in children
  • encourages children's independence and self-regulation prior to school
  • positively influences the home learning environment
  • increases use of services designed to support child and family development
  • facilitates early intervention for a range of issues including speech, hearing, behavioral problems health problems and delayed development
  • increases opportunities for parent support
  • provides opportunities to promote the importance of the early years
  • facilitates opportunities for interagency collaboration benefiting families with young children